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Didgeridoo New Zealand is a didgeridoo resources created by the team at Didgeridoo Breath, an online didgeridoo store based in Australia.

This site was built to showcase some of our learn to play didgeridoo videos, aboriginal & didgeridoo music resources and to provide an index of didge related resources & information such as information on how playing the didgeridoo can help with sleep apnea.

We'll be adding more content over the coming weeks.

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Victor Wooten Bass Guitar & Didgeridoo Jam

Now this is cool! Victor Wooten is one of the world's best bass guitarists, watch him jam with the Didgeridoo Breath crew:

Victor Wooten Bass Guitar & Didgeridoo Jam

What is a Hemp Didgeridoo?

Si from the band Wild Marmalade explains more about what a hemp didgeridoo is, how they're made and why they're so sought after!

Hemp Didgeridoos Explained

Beat boxing Didgeridoo Player

Beatboxing Didgeridoo Player

Didgeridoo Stand

Simon demos a didgeridoo stand and shows us how to put it together.

Didgeridoo Stands Demo

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